NewLands Festival 2018: Ode to Women
19-23 September 

The 2018 edition of the NewLands Festival opened at the Muziekgebouw with Mother-Umm-Madre, a project bringing together two internationally renown voices: Nuria Rial (occident) & Dima Orsho (orient) who sung the stories of motherhood across time and cultures. 

This year's theme of the festival was: Ode to Women

You can view the complete programme on our calendar page.

Most concert entries also include information in English. 

Photo collage, from left to right:  Danya Segal   ©Christian Wyrwa,   Roosmarijn Tuenter   ©Rini Scholten,   Nuria Rial   ©Merce Rial,   Bram van Sambeek   ©Rein Langeveld,   Rima Kamel  ,   Holland Baroque   ©Water Jansen,   Dima Orsho  ,   Mehdi Rostami  ,   Naghmeh Farahmand   ©Samira Hafezi,   Sara Hamidi  ,   Rima Kamel   ©Judith Buss,   Nizar Rohana   ©Mohamed Badarne,   Layale Chaker   ©Anna Rakhvalova,   Rembrandt Frerichs   ©Guido Benschop,   Tineke Postma   ©Haim Bargig,   Tony Overwater   ©Pim van der Zwaan,   Yasamin Shahhosseini  ,   Jasser Haj Youssef   ©Fabien Lemaire,   Holland Baroque  ,   Mahsa Vahdat   ©Tahmineh Monzavi.

Photo collage, from left to right: Danya Segal ©Christian Wyrwa, Roosmarijn Tuenter ©Rini Scholten, Nuria Rial ©Merce Rial, Bram van Sambeek ©Rein Langeveld, Rima KamelHolland Baroque ©Water Jansen, Dima OrshoMehdi RostamiNaghmeh Farahmand ©Samira Hafezi, Sara HamidiRima Kamel ©Judith Buss, Nizar Rohana ©Mohamed Badarne, Layale Chaker ©Anna Rakhvalova, Rembrandt Frerichs ©Guido Benschop, Tineke Postma ©Haim Bargig, Tony Overwater ©Pim van der Zwaan, Yasamin ShahhosseiniJasser Haj Youssef ©Fabien Lemaire, Holland BaroqueMahsa Vahdat ©Tahmineh Monzavi.      

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Ticket sales

Tickets can be purchased via the venues. You can access the link that directs you to ticket sales on each event page (programma & tickets). Detailed route to access the venues is also available on each event page. 

The 2016 edition took place from 14 to 18 September 2016

After the successful pilot in the Bimhuis in 2015, the Morgenland Festival (Newlands Festival since 2018) had presented its first edition. In 2016, we presented an array of fabulous artists from across the world, including Alim Qasimov, Michel Godard, Kayhan Kalhor, Toumani Diabaté, Rima Khcheich, Jasser Hal Youssef, Ahmad Al Khatib, Meltem Halaceli, Rasha Abbas, Kinan Azmeh, Kevork Mourad, Tineke Postma, Bram van Sambeek, Tony Overwater and many more...

We have also introduced a contextualising programme for our public with literature, cinema, performance, debate and a student programme. The music programme on 15 and 16 September has been curated by Morgenland Festival Osnabrück

Banner image: Rima Khcheich