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  • Splendor 116 Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1011 LX Netherlands (map)

NAJWA is: Jawa Manla (ud, vocals), Kim Jaeger (piano), Rémy Dielemans (bass), Nawras Al Taky (vocals), Nadia Marak (flute), Ghaeth Almaghoot (clarinet), Modar Salama (percussion) and Christian Palmieri (drums).
NAJWA is artistically accompanied by the exceptional composer and ud maestro Nizar Rohana.

Rémy Dielemans Nawras Al Taky Photo by Tony Overwater

Rémy Dielemans Nawras Al Taky Photo by Tony Overwater

NAJWA, which freely translated from Arabic means ‘straight from the heart’ comes from the passionately beating hearts of these eight exceptional talents and Nizar Rohana.

These eight exceptional upcoming musicians met in 2016 within the framework of a series of master classes organised by Stichting Morgenland Amsterdam during the Morgenland Festival. Back then, Nizar Rohana also accompanied the group during the week of workshops and repetitions.

All of this also took place at Splendor, the artistic home of the festival last year which is why it’s a very nice creative loop for the group to come back to Splendor one year later. All of them have been moving at a fast pace in their musical lives and development and we look forward to a well balanced and surprising concert.

The playlist features compositions by some of the group members, compositions by Nizar Rohana and some existing pieces. It is a well balanced research between the Arabic and Western musical tradition. It was not a calculated match, but four musicians have been brought up within the Syrian/Arabic Music culture and four of them in the Western music culture. All eight are looking to deepen their knowledge and broaden their musical bandwidth.
Commonly they create new musical experiences.

We look forward seeing you at Splendor!